Sadly I now realise

that the depression that lasted twenty years, and some months
never actually went away, it just lurked in the background waiting,
waiting for that time when something happens, something really
insignificant, such as a piece of correspondence falling through
the letterbox from a government department.

Then it all comes flooding back and in so doing serves you an ace
right between the eyes to remind you of your inadequacies.

Would that I could have been more effective.
Will that I may yet get the chance.
Will that I may keep my heart ticking
long enough that I may achieve that goal.


©Joe Wilson – Inadequacies 2014

One thought on “Inadequacies

  1. Inadequacies, we all have them. Reminders, we all get them at one point or another. I think we all can relate to this. Hope tomorrow will be a brighter day for you.

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