Worn down by sorrow…


He stepped out into uncertainty
What would this day send his way
Blanking his mind to possibilities
He’d see what came into play.

Yesterday hadn’t been do bad
He’d made it to the end
But the pain that nestled in his heart
Though friends distract, it would never mend.

And tomorrow, what of tomorrow
Assuming he lasts out the night
He’ll step out uncertain once again
Emotional wreck, but he keeps it in tight.

And that is now his three day life
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
It’s the way he manages to live his life
Or else he’d drown in his sorrow.

For what is a man when cast alone
But a wayward in need of a port
Without the anchor of love to hold
His worth is reduced down to nought,

Quite soon the hours meant nothing
He rarely now bothered with food
His friends no longer distract him
And he’s fearful he darkens the mood.

Thus what might it say on his tombstone
He pined right away till he died
He foolishly let his good friendships sail
Those who’d always been by his side.

Sensible people live in company
Fools often die alone.

©Joe Wilson…2016

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