Once more the baubles…


So packed away once more, Christmas
The tree to be recycled
You do that don’t you!

Very soon, just as you put away the baubles and lights
That long awaited winter snow finally arrives.
How very much nicer they’d have looked in the snow.

Not long after the Chinese New Year
Near the end of January it is this year
A young man’s fancy, if not already
Turns to thoughts of lust, sorry, love
And as soon as you can say ‘In like Flint’
We have just the thing, St. Valentine’s Day
To help him in his quest.
Such times can leave the mouth quite parched.
But one can only hope of course
He didn’t over do it on Pancake Day
And that he is fit to celebrate, forgetting at his peril
Ah! Mothering Sunday in the third month of March.

And then of course there’s Will Shakespeare’s Day
On April Twenty-third
Not forgetting Ramadan and then Father’s Day
Would really be absurd.
Then various solstice, equinox and even Yom Kippur
He’s free then up to Halloween,
Then Guy Fawkes, the not so pure.

Settling back then, Remembrance Day
And we’re back in the winter once again
For after Diwali and Advent
It’s back to Christmas my friend.

So out with the lights and on with the show
It’s happening all over again
But this time put the lights in the cupboard
The loft is for much younger men.

©Joe Wilson – Once more the baubles…2016

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