“It’s Not There.”


I delighted in hearing the interlude
Having heard the prelude too
Whilst waiting for the postlude though
My mind ran all askew.
Where is the ‘lude’ I began to think
For there is a post and a pre
Why are my Chambers and OED
Keeping the ‘lude’ from me!

It was then I thought of Phill Jupitus
I thought that was only fair
As I’m sure he’d be just as puzzled as I
To observe that “It’s not there!”
I’ve searched for it here and I’ve searched for it there
All avenues have been fiercely pursued
And in the end I’m forced to concede
Less ‘Pre’ and ‘Post’ there’s no ‘LUDE’.

©Joe Wilson -“It’s Not There.” 2014

This is a bit of fun based on the highly amusing session of QI where the said Mr Jupitus was able to tell New Zealanders that when the sun is bouncing off the road and impeding their vision they can be safely assured that “It’s not there”.
©Joe Wilson -“It’s Not There.” 2014

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