Tales of life: Old age confusion…

He potters about in his kitchen
Anything to try to keep warm
Outside the noise was incredible
From the howling of the wind in the storm.

He was running short of milk for his tea
And bread for his lunchtime today
But he had plenty more in the freezer
Yet in the freezer he thought it must stay.

For the freezer was out in the garage
Which meant venturing into the storm
And though it was chilled in the kitchen
Compared to outside it was warm.

So he reads and he writes to keep himself warm
And a thought just pops into his head
‘If I can race out with the key in my hand’
Then he goes back to reading instead.

And every so often he looks out that way
At the garage door just too far away
For the snow and the wind caused a blizzard
So he won’t get to try it today.

And then he had another thought
‘I’ll need milk and bread today’
So thus he opened the kitchen door
And went into the garage that way.

A single thought, a mind astray
Sometimes he gets so confused
The way through the kitchen had never occurred
Despite it’s the way that’s most used.

©Joe Wilson – Old age confusion…2017

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